Where is Garfield!!???

Copia di nuovo-3.gif (5162 byte)Felix is

the nicest cat

garf-ors1.gif (4260 byte) Però è meglio Garfield!

Ma molto meglio!!!

Non c'è paragone!


ILove.gif (1090 byte)



Don't know

what he's called in english


There's always

Ekk or

Samuri Pizza cats

there are lots more cartoon cats than syl and tom!!!

I vote

for Garfeild

Sylvester is the second best Garfield

is the best


Ho votato

per Silvestro, ma il meglio in assoluto è Garfield!

Garfeildgarfield.gif (2496 byte)GARFIELD





Neither of these cats are nice, both of them eat birds and cuss. Felix is the nicest cat. How about including all the other cartoon cats out there.. like FElix for example, or

Pepe Lepew's girlfriend...But

a tight web site my cat was sittin on my lap when i was browsing thru this website she was pawing on it 2 it was so cute liIke Furball the best (tiny toons character)  

I like them,


what happened to Garfield?!

fofelix.gif (9878 byte)He rocks!

Vi siete scordati del gatto più gatto e cioè GARFIELD!

Garfield rules!

How about including all hte other cartoon cats out there.. like Felix for example, or Pepe Lepew's girlfriend...

What about


Garfield or furrball from tiny toons?

fofelixa.gif (2061 byte)

But what about Garfield??

Why don't you have Felix the Cat!

Where's Garfield?????????!!!!!

I think that Garfield is the coolest cat. He's intelligent.

.garf-cupid.gif (4020 byte)

And likes to eat (lasagna)

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