When my beloved calico cat, Callie, died of cancer in 1993, she didn't
leave immediately. For several weeks afterward I would glimpse a tail
going by while reading or watching T.V. I'd follow to the spot it went,
but it no cat was there. Sometimes, when my middle cat, Scruffy, who had
always been Callie's punching bag, would try to go out the door, he
would cringe as, if she was still there trying to bat him with her paw.
Finally, one night, I awoke to find her lying at my side and I was
petting her. I could feel the weight of her body and its warmth against
me. Then she disappeared. I looked at the clock - it was shortly after 2
a.m. The next day my son called from Ohio (we live in Florida). It seems
he had awakened about the same time with her lying on his chest purring,
he reached out and as he stroked her she faded. I told him, she felt we
could now go on without her, and had come to say goodbye. It was then
that he told me that he had felt her presence around him those past few
weeks, even though she had never lived at his new place. I'm sure cats
have souls and they can come back to us when we need them. Callie proved it.
Mary A. Koslasky

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My name is Lena and I and I think your magazine is great.
http://www.geocities.com/NapaValley/9824/page7.html and e-mail littlelena@yahoo.com

This is little Tirwna. She came to us at 3 months old, after having been found discarded in some bushes. The fur on her neck had been rubbed off (from either a too tight collar, or rope), there was masking tape imbedded in her tail, and she was extrememly nervous. For the first 6 months my husband and I had her, she would not come near him. She would only sit with me for 10 minutes at a time. Today she is perky, lovable, and terrific to have in our family. She loves her sister, and 4 brothers.Her fears of men have passed, and she spends many hours cuddling with my husband.

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To be continued.......