Happy Easter Everybody!

Easter Card from Timone Snowstar

Timone Snowstar or Simba Nala Mufasa



Clay Fugitte


As a cat lover and mom to two cats adopted from the humane society some years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing around your site. I am attaching a cute wallpaper for windows (bmp file). Save it to your c:\windows directory and access it through control panel. Keep up the good work!!
Ciao, Cindy Hudson :)


I love your purrrr. Here is a photo of my cat called 'Indy' (black) and 'Punky' (black and red. They're mother and daughter, but they are not too fond of each other. The daughter is always teasing her mother and the mother doesn't like it. Babs Groskamp

This is my cat Tigger. He's 3 years old and about 18 pounds. His favorite foods are tuna, ham and roast beef. He's grown up with a dog, so he thinks he is a dog sometimes. Some of his favorite things to do are: chasing birds and mice, sleeping, eating, climbing trees, and sleeping. He wakes up at 4:30 every morning demanding breakfast and if the dog is in a spot that he wants to lay in, he will attack the dog by the throat and bit him in the shoulder blades (by the way, we have a 90 pound dog). He knows his name and will sometimes answer when I call him. His favorite phrase is "dinner time".
Susan O'Connell

Groucho is a big, bad puddytat - he's 18yrs old and weighs 18lbs...and he's got a mean left-hook....here's a picture....

To be continued.......