Hi, my name is Nyrja Goldbard I live in Mexico City and as any serious cat lover I am glad and grateful to see a wonderful web page like yours I would love to share with you this true story of one of my four cats, his name is Duncan. I name it like that after reading the story of a brave Scottish warrior. Duncan is a very courageous cat. I remember the first time I saw him, I was at my aunt's house when a cuople of girls knocked the door to deliver him, these girls had just found him in pain in the park nearby. He had been ran over by a car and they figure out my aunt will adopt him. Since I have always been a cat lover, I volunteered to take him to the nearest vet, that vet told us he needed surgery and it would cost a lot, so there was no use for it, we would have to put him to sleep,gladly my aunt turned down that vet's opinion, so we took him to another, very famous vet. He said he would be alright within a month and only put him a special bandage. Duncan1.jpg (7592 bytes)
So we happily took him home and gave him all the medicines the vet ordered, he recovered from an injured hip in a month or so. Years passsed and and I used to visit Duncan and the other cats and dogs my aunt had living with her, until one day she called me up to help her out with Duncan, she always knew we had a special bond, Duncan was suffering from an acute form of Feline Urologic Syndrome. I was appalled to seem in such a terrible condition, emaciated to the very bones. I took him to the vet who saved him his life once. We had to hospitalize him for a full week, still with few chances of recovery. We visited him every day to give him his special food, he wouldn't want to eat otherwise, we had to be there so he could eat. It was very sad seeing him so weak and having intravenous serum all the time. He got better and was discharged from the hospital after a week. He had to take all kinds of antibiotics home for his total recovery. My aunt called three days after, telling me he was getting worse and that she couldn't give him the medicine. Again I volunteered to take him home and give him the medicine, no matter what hour, even if I had to wake up twice in the middle of the night. It was very painful for both of us, I had to isolate him in the back room of my flat, he had to be away from my other three cats, all of them picked up from the street in similar sad conditions.

After two weeks the antibiotic treatment was succesfully over and he was ready to lead a normal life.
Duncan2.jpg (7592 bytes)
That's when I noticed he couldn't see, so I took him to the vet again.
He assured me he was totally blind. His retina was completely degenerated. What caused him this? It turns out my aunt had been feeding him all those years with cheap dog food. The same thing that caused him FUS caused him blindness, his taurine levels were almost none then. I was furious with this neglect, so naturally I didn't give him back to my aunt, he would stay with me. Ever since Duncan has been on a special diet. A year and a half ago I got married and naturally my cats came with me. A very special friendship relationship has evolved between Duncan and my husband, they really love each other. In a way I think it is as if they been waiting for lifes to finally meet. Duncan is always by my husband's side, protecting him, giving him company, affection and understanding, and vice-versa. As you can see after being near dead for three times, now Duncan who's 9 years old, is a very healthy and strong cat thanks to the love and care he's gotten from his dad (my husband), his brothers (Pete who's now 12, Chirris(11) and Sydney(5)), and naturally by mom (me).

Nyrja Goldbard


The first JPG is our favorite going to travel for MIR (she was late with Atlantis...) The second is after her coming back : she was so tired....
Thank for your site and the wonderful images.
Yves Waroquier

To be continued.......